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Benefits of a cheap and cost effective Loft Conversion in Dulwich and the Nearby Areas

There are many ways for Dulwich homeowners to maximise the unused spaced they have with a brand-new loft conversion. Whether you are refurbishing your house or preparing to sell your property, at World of Lofts we offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs. Domestic clients can rely on the professional team at our loft conversion company, who specialise in designing VELUX loft conversion and dormer loft conversion projects, as well as installing them.


Discover what kind of property improvements you can make with the help of our very own architects, included in our irresistibly cheap and cost effective loft conversion rates!

Top Benefits of a Loft Conversion

Taking Advantage of More Space


If the attic space at your Dulwich home has been left idle, a loft conversion will come in handy for growing families. A cheap and cost effective loft conversion is a great cost-effective alternative if you have been planning to move to a bigger property. A loft conversion company regularly creates space for the following:


• Extra bathrooms, including a toilet, bath, shower or wet room


• Additional children’s or master bedrooms, with the option of an en-suite


• Private offices for Dulwich clients who regularly work from home


• Home gyms for fitness fanatics, which also saves on gym memberships


Smaller spaces can easily be enhanced with a dormer loft conversion (adding extra floor and head room) or a VELUX loft conversion (for a greater amount of natural lighting).

Raising Property Values

cheap and cost effective loft conversion projects can prove to be a great investment to your Dulwich property, including a dormer loft conversion or VELUX loft conversion design. To give our clients value for money, our loft conversion company supplies professional building contractors, architects, builders, plumbers and electricians to ensure a cheap and cost effective loft conversion installations meet the high-quality standards of UK Building Regulations.


According to a recent survey from the Nationwide Building Society, a loft conversion can increase the value of your Dulwich property as follows:


• A loft conversion can raise property values by 22%


• Expanding the square footage by 10% can increase the value by 5.1%


• Additional bathrooms can add an extra 4.9%


• Extra medium to large sized bedrooms can add approximately 11%

Adding More Storage Space


A loft conversion can be made for further storage opportunities. This is a great idea for a cheap and cost effective loft conversion at your Dulwich home, as it will preserve or showcase your prized possessions, varying from personal filing systems to family heirlooms and memorabilia. If your loft is on the smaller side, the team at our loft conversion company will recommend tailor-made storage solutions in your design concept, which can be incorporated into oddly-shaped nooks and sloped walls from pitched roofs.


A VELUX loft conversion or dormer loft conversion is perfect to integrate storage and living areas, which will make the attic space more comfortable and inviting.

Creating an Energy-Efficient Home


Our loft conversion company will ensure that your brand-new attic is fully insulted, which is a legal requirement for any loft conversion which is designed to be a living space. This will also prevent the amount of heat loss at your home, which will be reflected in reduced energy bills.


A VELUX loft conversion is ideal to conserve energy. Not only will double-glazed windows help to insulate your Dulwich property, they will also provide heat from the sun. Energy-efficient windows can also be included with a dormer loft conversion, which can vary from single to double dormers, depending on the size of the property and the client’s budget.

For more information about planning a cheap and cost effective loft conversion project at your home in Dulwich or the surrounding area, call 07553 293 165.