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Insulating Your Loft Conversion in Dartford and the Local Areas

When adding a new loft conversion to your Dartford home, it is important to properly insulate your attic space during the construction process. Approximately 25% of heat is lost due to insufficiently insulated roofs. At World of lofts, we provide high-quality installation services at cheap and cost effective loft conversion rates to dramatically reduce this effect. If you’re having a VELUX loft conversion or dormer loft conversion fitted, our expert builders will ensure it is fully insulated to comply with UK building regulations.


Clients in Dartford and the surrounding areas can learn more about how our loft conversion company insulates homes to make them energy-efficient.

How to Insulate a New Loft Conversion

Building Regulations


The minimum requirements for insulating a VELUX loft conversion or dormer loft conversion at your Dartford home are measured in ‘u values’. This measurement calculates the rate of heat loss (watts) over a one hour period for every square metre of insulation material there is.


• U values for roofs need to equal 0.18W/m²/K or lower


• Layers of mineral wool need to measure at least 270mm


• Rigid timber boards should be no less than 175mm thick


• Alternative insulation spray foam should equal 125mm in depth

Type of Loft Conversion


Depending on how you plan to use your loft conversion, our loft conversion company will recommend how best to insulate your Dartford home.


• Cold Lofts – Insulation materials will be placed between and over the ceiling joists, if your loft conversion is intended to be used for storage purposes only


• Warm Lofts – Materials will be placed directly beneath the roof, which makes a VELUX loft conversion or dormer loft conversion habitable for bedrooms and home offices


Both insulation methods for cheap and cost effective loft conversion installations will reduce your overall energy consumption, including heating requirements for the warm lofts. This benefits our Dartford clients even more with premium value as part of our cheap and cost effective loft conversion packages.

Cold Lofts


The experts at our loft conversion company will use either mineral wool to insulate the spaces between the joists or rigid boards to cover the flooring. These cold loft insulation methods will prevent heat from below permeating into the attic space where it isn’t needed. The boards will also provide a sturdy, level base below carpets or floorboards, giving support to the storage units in your high-quality, cheap and cost effective loft conversion.

Warm Lofts


A VELUX loft conversion or dormer loft conversion which is designed for a bedroom or living room, needs to be insulated in a different way to meet habitable building standards. The team at our loft conversion company will fit insulation materials under the roof to retain the heat generated from your Dartford property. The same materials (mineral wool and timber boards) will be applied to the slopes of the roof, with plenty of room for ventilation to prevent condensation and rot.


Windows from a VELUX loft conversion and dormer loft conversion will serve as additional insulation and help to heat the room during the warmer seasons, which is extremely energy-efficient.

For more information about planning a loft conversion project at your home in Dartford or the surrounding area, call 07553 293 165.