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Loft Conversion in Crystal Palace | Bathroom Installations

If you want to create a loft conversion at your Crystal Palace property with an en-suite bathroom, there are a few things to consider during the design process. We’ll help you to choose between a dormer loft conversion or VELUX loft conversion to suit your budget and the size of your attic space. Our cheap and cost effective loft conversion services also include professional project management, complete with expert advice from our own master builders and architects. Domestic clients in Crystal Palace and the surrounding areas can rely on our loft conversion company to design and install the perfect bathroom.

How to Design an En-Suite Loft Conversion

Dimensions for Bathroom Designs


If your Crystal Palace home has space for a small loft conversion, an en-suite toilet and sink can still be added as a cheap and cost effective loft conversion feature.


• The team at our loft conversion company will calculate the size of the area to ensure the minimum room measurements are 1m x 2.6m, plus 900mm for an enclosed shower tray


• A dormer loft conversion will allow for more head room to fit a shower, whereas a bath is better suited to properties with pitched roofs


• The floor space of an en-suite with a bath needs to measure at least 1.7m x 2.3m, however the height of the ceiling or sloping walls doesn’t offer as many restrictions with a standard bath tub

Lighting and Ventilation


Windows will help brighten up and ventilate an en-suite bathroom. The architects at our loft conversion company can include these into designs for a dormer loft conversion or a VELUX loft conversion.


• Distorted glass or blinds will ensure privacy


• A cheap and cost effective loft conversion can incorporate adequate ventilation, from extractor fans to the windows of a dormer or VELUX loft conversion


• These features comply with the UK Building Regulations to prevent damp, mould or rot affecting the roof of your Crystal Palace home

Water Pressure


If your Crystal Palace home has a header tank in the attic, it will need to be raised above the location of the en-suite loft conversion to generate enough pressure for the shower and sink. Our expert plumbers will determine if homes with combi-boilers can provide central heating and hot water for the additional bathroom, if power showers are unable to be installed.



A VELUX loft conversion and a dormer loft conversion will be expertly fitted to retain heat and reduce a build-up of moisture, with sufficient insulation materials. However, en-suite bathrooms with a heated towel rack are great ways to keep the room warm and comfortable as another cheap and cost effective loft conversion option.

If you need a loft conversion company to install a bathroom or en-suite at your home in Crystal Palace or the surrounding area, call 07553 293 165.