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Small Loft Conversion in Croydon and the Surrounding Areas

If you have a limited budget and a small attic space at your Croydon home, the team at World of Lofts creates a wide-range of versatile loft conversion designs. Our loft conversion company specialises in VELUX loft conversion and dormer loft conversion installations, which are ideal for increasing the amount of head room there is available and providing more light to make the loft feel bigger than it is. The team of architects, builders, electricians and plumbers are skilled at undertaking high-quality, yet cheap and cost effective loft conversion projects, from en-suite bathrooms to home offices.

Ideas for a Small Loft Conversion



It is common to use attics as a place to store junk and Christmas decorations, however a cheap and cost effective loft conversion at your Croydon home can utilise the space in a neat and tidy fashion. If you have files, heirlooms, collections and memorabilia that you want to keep stored safely, our loft conversion company can renovate your attic and install furniture and storage units, which can be customised to the shape of pitched roofs with low sloped eaves or ceilings. This will maximise the available space, which can also be extended with a single dormer loft conversion.

Home Office


Our loft conversion company will offer advice on how to keep your Croydon home office sound proofed to limit any disturbances. This can range from applying sound dampening materials to the walls and fit carpets for the flooring. A VELUX loft conversion will brighten up the room to make it a relaxing and inspirational place to retreat, while a dormer loft conversion can act as an alcove for an appealing desk space. Storage can also be incorporated into the design, as well as cabinets for filing.



Installing a VELUX loft conversion will give the illusion that your Croydon attic space is larger, drawing attention away from its compact size. A VELUX loft conversion benefits the room with additional daylight from windows fitted into the roof, while a dormer loft conversion can provide more head room and floor space by extending outwards.


Another cheap and cost effective loft conversion idea is to stick to a decorative palette of light colours and tones, from the paint to the soft furnishings, which will create a lighter, open space.

En-Suite Bathrooms


The team of plumbers and electricians at our loft conversion company will professionally fit en-suite bathrooms, with showers, wet rooms or baths, depending on the amount of head room there is available. A dormer loft conversion is recommended for expanding the space, which can be constructed above the existing water and drainage systems.


Alternatively, a VELUX loft conversion will help to provide adequate ventilation, reducing the likelihood of damp. A cheap and cost effective loft conversion for an en-suite bathroom can include a toilet and sink on its own, which can increase the resale value.

For small loft conversion designs and installations at your home in Croydon or the surrounding area, call 07553 293 165.