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Designing a cheap and cost effective Loft Conversion in Bromley and the Local Areas

When you are planning to renovate your property in Bromley or the surrounding areas of South London and Kent, homeowners will benefit from cheap and cost effective loft conversion advice. At World of Lofts, our loft conversion company provides clients with cost-effective design ideas as part of a full loft conversion management service. This includes architectural plans for a dormer loft conversion or a VELUX loft conversion to suit the style of your home. You can rely on our expertise to turn your dream loft conversion project into a reality!

Loft Conversion Design Tips

Choosing Your Additional Room


A cheap and cost effective loft conversion is ideal to add another bedroom to your Bromley property for growing families and to increase the value of your home if you are planning to sell. Another bathroom or en-suite is perfect for a single dormer loft conversion due to its compact size. At our loft conversion company, we will supply electricians and plumbers to connect your utilities and ensure there are no safety hazards.

Creating Lighting Options


A VELUX loft conversion is ideal to add more natural light to your attic. This will make any room more comfortable and habitable, especially for bedrooms or recreational areas. VELUX loft conversion installations can be fitted into your roofline with a range of blinds or curtains for privacy.

Making Your Loft Conversion Accessible


The team at our loft conversion company will recommend safe and practical ways for Bromley clients to add a staircase to easily access the attic. If you choose a dormer loft conversion, this is a versatile option as they can be installed at the front, back or side of your property, depending on the best location to extend from your existing staircase.

Installing Insulation and Interior Furnishings


Our loft conversion company uses premium materials for any VELUX loft conversion or dormer loft conversion project. VELUX windows are durable against weather damage and limit heat loss to comply with UK building regulations. Bromley homeowners should consider the furnishings for cheap and cost effective loft conversion design concepts, including the type of flooring, such as carpets, to improve insulation and sound proofing techniques.

Integrating Bespoke Designs


A VELUX loft conversion will complement a brightly painted palette and light coloured furniture to make smaller loft spaces appear bigger. Due to the square shape of a dormer loft conversion, this can create a spacious atmosphere and can hold more storage options. Adopt a Scandinavian interior design for your cheap and cost effective loft conversion by making practical use of the space with clean lines and uncluttered surfaces. Bespoke furniture will blend into any oddly shaped walls or ceilings, ideal for Bromley homes with nooks and pitched roofs.

Our Project Management Service

• The friendly and professional team at our loft conversion company will visit your Bromley property to discuss the design and construction plans


• We’ll carry out installations for a dormer loft conversion or VELUX loft conversion project to match your budget and timeframe


• Our building contractor will liaise with the Bromley Council to arrange any planning permission required for your loft conversion


• The builders, electricians and plumbers we employ are fully qualified and insured to carry out all construction and installation jobs for high-quality and cheap and cost effective loft conversions

If you want more tips for a stylish and cheap and cost effective loft conversion at your home in Crystal Palace or the surrounding area, call 07553 293 165.