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Planning a Loft Conversion in Beckenham and the Surrounding Areas

One of the most important factors that homeowners in Beckenham need to consider when designing a loft conversion is how to make it safe and habitable. At World of Lofts, we specialise in cheap and cost effective loft conversion installations which are best suited to your property. Domestic clients can rely on the team at our loft conversion company to comply with UK building regulations in order to construct a liveable dormer loft conversion or VELUX loft conversion.

Fire Safety Tips

The installations carried out by our loft conversion company include emergency exits in the event of a fire. The architects at World of Lofts will advise Beckenham clients on how to incorporate effective escape routes into their cheap and cost effective loft conversion plans, which can easily be part of the aesthetic with a VELUX loft conversion. Windows or doors must provide an opening of 0.33 metres squared without obstruction, and measure a minimum of 4.5 cm in width. This includes a VELUX loft conversion with windows fitted into the roofline and any dormer loft conversion installations.


Ensure your fire or smoke alarms are interlinked and mains powered, as opposed to separate battery models. Ideally, these should be located on every floor, including the loft conversion. Beckenham homeowners may need to consider further safety features, such as fire-resistant doors or flooring materials throughout their property.

Insulating a Loft Conversion

Insulation and Ventilation


It is important to fully-insulate your loft conversion, which is outlined in the Building Regulations Approved Document Part L1B. Rigid, flexible or thermal lining boards are designed to retain the heat, which the builders at our loft conversion company will expertly install. The attic will also need to be properly ventilated, with space between the insulation underlay and the roof. This will prevent damp that can cause wooden rafters to rot.



An additional way to limit heat loss is by installing double or triple-glazed windows for a dormer loft conversion or VELUX loft conversion. In addition to being a fire exit and providing more light to the attic, lofts which are south-facing add another benefit because this an energy-efficient way to heat up the room.

Central Heating


The electricians at our loft conversion company will discuss how the central heating system at your Beckenham property can supply heat to the new room. We’ll survey your home to determine if new radiators can be installed, allowing you to control the temperature with a thermostat.

Electrics and Plumbing



When installing a cheap and cost effective loft conversion, our building contractor and electrician will ensure that any new wiring and circuit boards are fitted safely and securely. Once fully installed at your Beckenham property, an electrician will carry out a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) and issue clients with a BS7671 test certificate, required when any renovations involving electrical work are made to your home.



If your VELUX loft conversion or dormer loft conversion involves an additional bathroom, it is practical to situate it close to or above your existing bathroom. Our skilled plumbers will then be able to easily connect your loft conversion to the water and drainage system, making your new bathroom or en-suite a cheap and cost effective loft conversion to install. Together with a toilet and sink, Beckenham homeowners may want to

include a shower. This is an ideal way to conserve space for a cheap and cost effective loft conversion, instead of installing a bath. The flat ceiling of a dormer loft conversion is better suited for sufficient head room, in comparison to an awkwardly shaped pitched roof.

If you need professional advice from a loft conversion company in Beckenham or the surrounding area, call 07553 293 165.